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Class Overview

This document provides an overview of the classes used by the Mozilla HTTP implementation. It's meant as a guide to developers wishing to understand or extend the Mozilla HTTP implementation.


  • implements nsIProtocolHandler
  • manages preferences
  • owns the authentication cache
  • holds references to frequently used services
  • implements nsIHttpChannel
  • talks to the cache
  • initiates http transactions
  • processes http response codes
  • intercepts progress notifications
nsHttpConnection nsHttpConnectionInfo
  • identifies a connection
  • implements nsIRequest
  • encapsulates a http request and response
  • parses incoming data
  • owned by a transaction
  • strips chunked transfer encoding
  • owns a nsHttpHeaderArray
  • knows how to fill a request buffer
  • owns a nsHttpHeaderArray
  • knows how to parse response lines
  • performs common header manipulations/calculations
  • stores http "<header>:<value>" pairs
  • stores authentication credentials for http auth domains
nsHttpBasicAuth nsHttpDigestAuth