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Using NetCat and Minimo CE


All printf calls in Minimo are replaced with calls to mozce_printf. Usually, the call is passed to OutputDebugString. Because getting OutputDebugString to work without attaching a debugger or using an expensive debugging tool wasn't working, I went looking for an alternative. I found an great solution.

Basically, the implementation network broadcasts the printf to all listeners.

How to use it

  • You will want to set USE_NC_LOGGING to true here and rebuilt the mozce shunt library.
  • You will need to download nc.exe. I am sure that there are other implementations that will work.
  • Then do this in a CMD on your desktop:
    • nc -Lup 9998
  • Launch minimo ce using the newly built shunt library.

Now, in your command shell on your desktop you will see the output for all printfs.


  • It will run much slower since all printfs do network IO.
  • This solution works for both the emulator and the device. I have only tested this configuration when the device is connected via ActiveSynce.