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Building Minimo for Linux

Please read this entire document before getting started or asking questions about how to build.

Set up your build environment
  • You can find complete directions on how to do this here. But before you go there and read up, please finish reading these steps.
  • If you can build mozilla already, there is nothing to do in this step.
Pull the trunk
  • All current work is on the trunk. When stable milestones are reached, they will be tagged and listed below.
  • Directions on how to pull a tree are here.
  • You will need to do:
    • cvs co mozilla/ mozilla/minimo/config/
Move mozconfig into the right place
  • Copy the mozconfig from mozilla/minimo/config/mozconfig/linux_x86 to the root directory of the build:
    • cp mozilla/minimo/config/mozconfig/linux_x86 mozilla/mozconfig
Kick off a build
  • Then start a build:
    • cd mozilla
    • make -f build_all
Packaging it up
  • TBD. Bother DougT...