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Mozilla MathML Screenshots

These are raw screen captures. Rendering may differ as the implementation progresses.
  • Various examples of <msqrt> in action (includes Maxwell's equations formatted with <mtable>, and stretchy &UnderBrace; and &OverBrace;).
    [810w x 618h - 28K]

  • MathML in the mail and news? There it is. Direct in your mailbox! Ahead of the future...
    [824w x 643h - 38K]

  • MathML with images. Putting math on the web used to requires images. For those who are nostalgic, there is another way to keep these images around. Let them fade in the background at a desired opacity.

  • Tables and matrices allow typesetting mathematical constructs in 2D.

  • View MathML Source or View Selection Source, the choice is yours. MathML documents tend to be large due to the fact that the number of MathML tags exceeds the actual content by far. Whether you want to get a clue on those question marks that indicate missing math fonts, or to just locate the specific source of any intriguing MathML fragment to inspect, learn, or... curl the markup or part of it for cut-and-paste elsewhere (e.g., symbolic manipulator), simply point to (or select) the spot of interest and right-click in the context menu.

  • Screen capture of basics.xhtml.