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MathType Extra Font

MT Extra Encoding

Font-family: MT Extra
Character Map:


Copyright: Copyright 1990-92 by Design Science, Inc.
  • Installed by default on Windows systems.
  • DSI is willing to allow the font to be bundled in Mozilla under the MPL license.
  • Issues: There are two versions of MT Extra (are they incompatible, i.e., with different glyph indices?). The one that exists by default on Windows systems has fewer glyphs by far than the one that comes with DSI's MathType equation editor. Unfortunately, the two versions are distributed under the same name, and so extra hard-coded detection is needed to distinguish which is which. Mozilla doesn't currently perform the detection and the MathFont Property File of MT Extra is setup using the default reduced set of glyphs. [Update this section when the complete MT Extra becomes available under the MPL.]

     0x20  0x0020  #Space
     0x23  0x0300  #Grave embellishment
     0x24  0x0302  #Hat embellishment
     0x25  0x0303  #Tilde embellishment
     0x26  0x0307  #Dot above embellishment
     0x31  0xFE36:L  #Down-pointing curly bracket left
     0x32  0xFE36:M  #Down-pointing curly bracket mid 
     0x33  0xFE36:R  #Down-pointing curly bracket right
     0x34  0xFE36:G, 0xFE38:G  #Horizontal curly bracket extender
     0x36  0xFE38:L  #Up-pointing curly bracket left
     0x37  0xFE38:M  #Up-pointing curly bracket mid
     0x38  0xFE38:R  #Up-pointing curly bracket right
     0x43  0x2210  #N-ary coproduct
     0x44  0x019B  #Latin small letter lambda with stroke
     0x49  0x2229  #Intersection
     0x4B  0x2026  #Horizontal ellipsis
     0x4C  0x22EF  #Math-axis ellipsis
     0x4D  0x22EE  #Vertical ellipsis
     0x4E  0x22F0  #Up right diagonal ellipsis
     0x4F  0x22F1  #Down right diagonal ellipsis
     0x51  0x2235  #Because or since
     0x55  0x222A  #Union 
     0x60  0x2035  #Reversed prime
     0x61  0x21A6  #Rightwards arrow from bar
     0x62  0x2195  #Up down arrow
     0x63  0x21D5  #Up down double arrow
     0x66  0x227B  #Succeeds
     0x68  0x210F  #Planck constant over two pi
     0x6C  0x2113  #Script small l
     0x6D  0x2213  #Minus-plus sign
     0x6F  0x2218  #Composition
     0x70  0x227A  #Precedes
     0x72  0x20D7, 0x20D7:R, 0x20E1:R  #Right arrow embellishment
     0x73  0x20D6, 0x20D7:L, 0x20D7:L #Left arrow embellishment
     0x74  0x20E1  #Left right arrow embellishment
     0x75  0x20D6:G, 0x20D7:G, 0x20E1:G, 0x20D0:G, 0x20D1:G #Arrow embellishment extender
     0x76  0x20D1, 0x20D1:R  #Right harpoon embellishment (barb up)
     0x77  0x20D0, 0x20D0:L #Left harpoon embellishment (barb up) 
     0x7B  0xFE36  #Under curly bracket
     0x7D  0xFE38  #Over curly bracket