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MathML Character Table

The tables presented here show the total list of assignments made by the MathML 1.x specification (187K), the MathML 2.0 WD (133K), the STIX project (521K), as well as the 'secret' assignments made by the Mozilla MathML project to the PUA from within the ucvmath module. Plane 1 characters listed in MathML 2.0 are not included. The tables were generated by software, and the 'shortcuts' used in the MathML 2.0 WD were skipped during processing (codes of the form 0xNNNN-0xNNNN).

Master Table

The master table is the table in which each cell indicates a Unicode range of the form NNxx.

Regular assignments
  • If there are assignments in a range, then the corresponding cell shows the number of assignments in that range.

  • Clicking the range leads to a sub-table with detailed information about the assignments in that range.

PUA assignments
  • For assignments to the PUA (U+E000-U+F8FF), the background is grayed.

Sub Tables

The sub-table corresponding to a Unicode range NNxx gives the full list of assignments made in that range.

Quick facts about an assignment
  • Characters that cannot be represented with the current fonts on your system are indicated with a question mark '?'.

  • Assignments to the PUA are grayed, with the assignments of Mozilla's ucvmath module itself indicated by an orange background.

  • If the Unicode point is not part of a list, then the list is struck (M1 stands for MathML 1.x, M2 stands for MathML 2.0, and STIX stands for the STIX project).

Further details on the status bar and the popup box
  • Placing the mouse over a glyph, the status bar shows the Unicode associated to the glyph and the various names under which the character is known.

  • Clicking the glyph will pop up a window with further details about the character.

Roger B. Sidje