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MathML Tester

The typical way to check the rendering of MathML fragments is to create a file and dump the fragments of interest therein, and then open the file in the browser to see what happens. The point of this tester page is to save you from that hassle. To see the rendering of your MathML fragments on the fly, just drop them in the textarea and click the "Render MathML" button, et voila. No trip is made back to the server. If you are interested to find out how it works, view the source of this page to see the JavaScript magic being used. On a related note, as of milestone m1.1, you can right click on any MathML formula and select "View MathML Source" in the browser's context menu to see the corresponding MathML source. Try it on the rendered MathML here.

Enter your MathML

MathML Rendering

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