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MathML Extras

This is a technology demonstration of some of the extras in Mozilla but not defined in the MathML spec, and not prevented by the spec either. They are not portable and are meant to showcase a few interesting upshots from building natively upon the browser environment. Other renderers are expected to ignore attributes that they don't understand while the behavior of undefined elements is well, undefined.

The title attribute as a tooltip (from XHTML)

Mouse over either log to see a tooltip showing the title log a x = ln x ln a Rather than repeating the instructions, some CSS might be used to provide a visual cue. For example with the style rule: *[title] { color: blue; } log a x = ln x ln a

Mixing with other markups, e.g., <img>, <input>

A = [ 1 4 ]

Inline JavaScript

Mouse Over

This page is typeset according to
XHTML, the reformulated way to go for the web.