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Mozilla Marketing Project

How to get involved

More easy ways to get involved:

  1. Visit and help us spread the word about Firefox. This is a great place to start with your ideas or to help out
  2. Browse through the marketing bugs in the Bugzilla database, another good place to see all of the marketing-related ideas that need help

A few projects looking for help

Active marketing projects

  • The Mozilla Visual Identity Team. This team of logo, icon, and user-interface designers works toward a more consistent, polished, and refined visual identity for the Mozilla Foundation and its products. The scope of this work includes application logos and icons, visual elements of the user interface (default themes), and other visual aspects of the Mozilla projects. While there is a thriving community of designers working on themes and extensions for the Mozilla products, the Mozilla Visual Identity Team is primarily concerned with the default visuals that accompany the products. If you have relevant experience and are interested in helping out, contact us (steven at silverorange dot com) with a concise summary of what you are most interested in doing and links to examples of relevant work.
  • Mozilla Links: news, tips and more
  • Mozilla Champions: a team of volunteers that offer end user support using newsgroups
  • Related project: Mozilla Documentation Project

Thanks to the Mozilla Marketing volunteers!

  • Steven Garrity, Mozilla Visual Identity Team leader
  • Dave Murray, Mozilla Donations Moderator
  • Brian Jenkins, Mozilla Press, Licensing Moderator
  • Percy Cabello, Mozilla Links founder
  • Simon Males, Mozilla Partners Moderator
  • Danny Yoo, Paypal donations hacker extraordinaire