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Translation Glossary & References

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Glossary Files from previous releases

(contributed by Daniel McGowan)

Here is a list of glossary files from previous releases (including Communicator 4.x) for reference. Translation consistency and quality can be greatly improved if there are glossary files for reference.

These files are all tab delineated text files. They can be imported into and sorted/ordered in  Excel or StarCalc (part of StarOffice - available in en, de, fr, it, es, nl, bp and sv).

Language Native Encoding Glossary in Native Encoding (lang-usgloss4x.txt) Glossary in UTF-8 (lang-usgloss4.x.utf8
  ISO-8859-1 bp-usgloss4.51.txt bp-usgloss4.51.utf8
Czech Windows-1250 cz-usgloss4.51.txt cz-usgloss4.51.utf8
Danish ISO-8859-1 da-usgloss4.51.txt da-usgloss4.51.utf8
German ISO-8859-1 de-usgloss47.txt de-usgloss47.utf8
Greek Windows-1253 el-usgloss4.51.txt el-usgloss4.51.utf8
Spanish ISO-8859-1 es-usgloss4.51.txt es-usgloss4.51.utf8
Finnish ISO-8859-1 fi-usgloss4.51.txt fi-usgloss4.51.utf8
French ISO-8859-1 fr-usgloss47.txt fr-usgloss47.utf8
Japanese Shift_JIS  gloss-ja.txt n/a
Hungarian Windows-1250  hu-usgloss4.51.txt hu-usgloss4.51.utf8
Iberian Portuguese ISO-8859-1 ib-pt-usgloss4.06.txt ib-pt-usgloss4.06.utf8
Italian ISO-8859-1 it-usgloss4.51.txt it-usgloss4.51.utf8
Dutch ISO-8859-1 nl-usgloss47.txt nl-usgloss47.utf8
Norwegian ISO-8859-1 no-usgloss4.51.txt no-usgloss4.51.utf8
Polish Windows-1250  pl-usgloss4.51.txt pl-usgloss4.51.utf8
Slovenian Windows-1250  sl-usgloss4.51.txt sl-usgloss4.51.utf8
Swedish ISO-8859-1 sv-usgloss4.51.txt sv-usgloss4.51.utf8
Chinese (Simplied) GB2312  zh-CN-usgloss4.51.txt n/a
Chinese (Traditional) Big5 zh-TW-usgloss4.51.txt n/a

More Glossaries and References materials

    Localization glossaries/resources (from Karl Ove Hufthammer)

    A couple of English -> Other language glossaries for various products:

    General Linguistic References

    Links collected on Search.Netscape directory:

    Terminology related Language resources - from Daniel McGowan

    Here are some links that people might find useful when deciding how to handle technical terminology.