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xptoolkit and i18n
by Erik van der Poel <>
Last Modified: June 23, 1999


This document has been created to track the I18N issues in the XPToolkit and related areas. Currently, it appears that some of the XPToolkit widgets will remain "native", i.e. they will not be GFX-based. This has important ramifications in the I18N area, since "native" widgets require extra work (beyond the I18N work that has been/will be done for GFX itself).

Switching Between Native and GFX-Based Widgets

Currently, the default is to use native widgets. You can use the following in your preferences file to use GFX-based or native widgets:

  user_pref("nglayout.widget.mode", 1); // native
  user_pref("nglayout.widget.mode", 2); // GFX-based


Widget Type Bugs Test
animation gfx No intl issues. Can localize image, if necessary.
arrow ??? No intl issues.
button gfx Use localized client. Edit:Preferences:Cancel.
checkbox gfx Use localized client. Edit:Preferences:Appearance.
combo box gfx
context menu native
color picker gfx No intl issues.
date/time control ???
disclosure triangle gfx No intl issues.
file picker native Use localized client. File:Open.
font picker ??? Use localized client. Edit:Preferences:Appearance:Fonts.
grippy pane gfx No intl issues.
group box gfx
image gfx No intl issues.
image button (with menu) ???
list box gfx
menu native 5880 8698 Use localized client. Use Bookmarks menu to test multilingual.
progress bar gfx No intl issues.
radio button gfx Use localized client. Edit:Preferences:Appearance.
scrollbar ??? No intl issues.
scrolling text field gfx 4681
separator gfx No intl issues.
slider ??? No intl issues.
static text label gfx
status bar gfx
tab control gfx
text field gfx 4681 8410
toolbar gfx
tooltip gfx
tree gfx
window (top-level) native


Service Bugs Test
cursors (mouse) No intl issues.
drag and drop
file picker glue
keyboard mapping
keyboard navigation