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I18n XPIDL migration plan

Last updated 08/20/99

Here is a list of interfaces to be scriptable. Those interfaces to be specified by XPIDL.
Interface name Owner Target milestone Open issue
nsILocale nhotta Done
nsILocaleFactory tague Going Away Can't inhert from nsIFactory as an xpidl interface. This is going to be replaced with a service
nsILocaleService tague Done eventually will replace nsILocaleFactory
nsIScriptableDateFormat nhotta Done
nsICollation nhotta Probably not going to be scriptable unless requested. we may need simpler interface separately (e.g. compare string with input locale string).
nsIStringBundle tao Done
nsIStringBundleService tao Done
nsIPersistentProperties tao Done

Examples using xpconnect and the internationalization interfaces can be found here