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Fizzilla (Mac OS X build) Internationalization Improvement

Frank Tang <>


Currently a lot of Mozilla Mac specific code are origional design when we still support Mac OS 8.5. Therefore, we do not fully take advantage of some new APIs code introduce during Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X time frame. This document track the internationalization features which should be employeed into Mozilla to make a excellent international Mac OS X client.

Meta Tracking Bug: 103669 (Dependency Tree)

No. Task Benefit Risk Priority Target Milestone Strategy Estimation (days) Bug Number Apply To Mac OS 9? Status
1 Display Unicode in menu and menu bar High Low High N/A Use CFString APIs for Menu & Menu bar N/A NO DONE (by pinkerton)
2 Display Unicode in window title High Low High N/A Use CFString APIs for Window Title N/A NO DONE (by ftang)
3 Support Full Unicode TSM in Input Method Med Med Med m0.9.6 Register TSM 1.5 kUnicodeDocument and accept all IME data in unicode 3 23363 YES DONE
4 Support Full Unicode Keyboard mapping Med High Med m0.9.6 Register TSM 1.5 kUnicodeDocument and implement new KeyEvent handing routine 3 77038 YES DONE
5 Display All Unicode which have glyph in "data fork TrueType/OpenType fonts" High Low High m0.9.7 m0.9.6 Use ATSUI with new Font Manager enumberation APIs and get font data APIs 1 94745, 90804 NO DONE
6 List "data fork TrueType/OpenType fonts" font name in font pref. High Low High N/A Use new Font Manager enumeration APIs 2 90804, need seperate bug NO DONE (by beard)
7 Support Unicode based sorting (nsICollations) Low Med Low m0.9.6 Implement nsICollations by using Unicode Utilities 3 95282 NO DONE
8 Display Unicode in File Picker Med Med Low --- Use New Navigator Service APIs to handle unicode directly ? 95478 NO DONE
9 Use Unicode file name High? High Low --- Use New File System APIs to handle unicode directly ? 95481 ? Investigation [need information]
10 Display Unicode in Print widget ? High? High Low ? Maybe not an issue? ? ? Investigation [need information]
11 Move to Use New Date Time Format APIs Low Med Low ? Lack of info. Do we have a new facility on Mac OS X ?? ? 105045 ? Investigation [need information]
12 Implement Implement nsFontEnumeratorMac::HaveFontFor Low Low Med m0.9.6 Bug Fixing 0.5 95554 YES DONE
13 Treat file:/// url % escaped UTF-8 on Mac OS X ? Med Med m0.9.7 return "UTF-8" on Mac OS X 0.2 95560 NO Patch for review
14 Use FMGetFontFamilyTextEncoding instead of FontToScript Med Low Med m0.9.6 m0.9.7 Bug Fixing 0.5 95557 NO Investigation
15 FizzillaCFM defaults to old CJK fonts Med Low Med m0.9.7 m0.9.6 Find out better font name and a way to set it as default for Mac OS X 1 84271 NO Got information from Apple. Working on Patch.
16 Add fonts to Central European, Baltic, Cyrillic and Greek font prefs Med Med Low m0.9.7 1. read OS/2 table by using new font api? 3 95978 NO Working on Patch
17 Switch language of system dialog when user switch language Med Unknown Med m0.9.7 Maybe provide multiple "fake" localized resource bundle ? 100346 NO Investigation [need information]