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Seamonkey Beta1 I18N Features

Contact: bobj (on sabbatical until 10/19/1999), msanz, lyecies
Last Update: 

When we need to modify the Beta1 features requirements, the following goals and non-goals should be used as a guide to prioritize which features get added or deleted.  Also refer to the Sea Monkey I18N & L10N Milestones.

I18N Beta1 Goals

  • Consistent with overall Seamonkey Beta 1 Criteria
  • Dogfood (Windows, Mac and Linux)
    • Japanese, German and French
    • Browsing HTML
    • Basic Mail Sending/Receiving of plain text and HTML mail (but Windows only)
    • Editing existing and new HTML documents
    • Japanese IME support
    • I18N Bookmarks
  • I18N Enabled Sidebar
    • Japanese What's Related
    • Internet Keywords (?)
    • Bookmarks (?)
    • prototype content from International Netcenter
    • others?  notification?
  • Localizable Components (Browser, Mail, Ender, Sidebar)
  • Significant Performance Improvements (> 10% overall size or speed)
  • Stability (fixing memory leaks and warnings, XPCom review)

I18N Beta1 Non-Goals

  • Dogfood for non-Latin1 and non-Japanese
  • Non-Latin1 printing on Linux

5.0 I18n Non-Goals (not budgeted)

  • Bi-directional (Arabic, Hebrew) support

I18N Beta1 Browser Features

I18N Beta1 Browser
& Ender Features
Milestone (owner)
Dependencies or Comments
Unicode converters for Latin1, Japanese, UTF-8 and others Done See current release notes for full list.
Unicode character utilities Done  
StringBundle interface Done  
Multi-font Rendering Done  
Font preferences M10 (erik) Work with Matt on XUL UI
Charset/Lang sensitive font selection M10 (erik) Work with Gecko team on design.  See 6451.
Font rendering performance I M12 (erik)  
Windows IME Done  
Mac IME M10 (tague) Need to complete candidate window positioning
Linux IME M10 (erik) Erik is assisting Sun to implement this.
Keyboard layout support Done  
Charset extensibility M10 (cata)  
View|Character Set Menu M11 (cata) Temporary menu is done. Real implementation is part of charset extensibility work.
UI for Japanese Auto-Detect M11 (ftang) Back-end support is done and controlled by pref.
Charset override M11  (ftang)  
HTML META charset Done.  
XML <?xml encoding=xxx> M10 (ftang)  
HTTP charset M10  (ftang) - Done  
Line breaking Done  
Word breaking M10 (ftang) - Done Word break API
Word Jumping in Ender M10 (ftang)  
View Page Source M11 (ftang)  
Getting Locale Done  
Locale sensitive sorting Done  
Locale sensitive date/time formatting Done  
XPConnect interface for Locale Done  
XPConnect interface for StringBundle Done  
XPConnect interface for date/time formatting Done  
Form submission M11  (ftang) Back-end work for URL-encoded forms is done, but testing is blocked waiting for GFX text widgets, bug 6262

I18N multipart forms cannot be implemented until generic multipart forms are working -- bug  8209 (pollman) ENCTYPE=multipart file upload does not  work

Conversion API for Save as text or HTML M10 (tague)  
HTML Entity Conversion API for Ender M10 (tague)  
Copy & Paste (inter-application) M10 (tague)  
Unicode converter perf. tuning I M12 (ftang) Latin1, UTF-8, Japanese
UE for Character Code Menu M11 (tague)

I18N Beta1 Mail Features
(Windows only)
Milestone (owner)
Dependencies or Comments
IMAP M11 (bienvenu/mscott) Folder (7130), Reply quote (11888)
3-Pane view Done (8204)
Viewing messages Done.
Composing messages M10 (nhotta) Back-end done.  Can compose main body and header. GFX text widgets - bug 6262
is resolved.
(3979), (11892), (13677)
Forwarding and Replying M10 (IQA) GFX text widgets - bug 6262 is resolved.
Send page from browser M10 (rhp/nhotta)  
Sorting header in thread pane M10 (putterman/mscott) (7844), (8405),
International time/date formats Done.  
Addressbook  (Japanese) 
  • Create new address book
  • Create new entry 
  • Edit properties
M11 (nhotta) Works for Latin1 and Japanese (unicode migration is done 13510).
International sort (12882)
Send/Receive Attachments M11 (ducarroz/jefft/nhotta) Some functionality is working now. 
Add UI for adding attachments (11116
Open attachment (10802)
(10400), (10620)
File message M12 (jefft/nhotta) (10801), (10802), (10803)
Print message M12 (sspitzer/ftang) (12495)
Undo "Delete Message" Done.  Ready for testing.

I18N Post-Beta1 Features

The features below are not show-stoppers for Beta1, but some of these may get completed in time for Beta1.
  • Windows Active IME support
  • Linux I18N Printing
  • Additional converters
    • Korean (ISO-2022-KR)
    • Traditional Chinese (ISO-2022-CN)
    • Simplified Chinese (HZ-GB-2312, GBK)
    • MacThai
    • Vietnamese (VIQR)
    • Korean (MS-949,  IBM-1363) (IBM requested, but not planned)
      • MS-949 and IBM-1363  are equivalent and are supersets of IBM949 with 5,000 additional characters.
  • User-defined charset
  • Unicode Normalization
  • Copy & Paste between 5.0 and external applications
  • Mail
    • Find in message headers
    • Find in body of current message
    • Find in bodies of mailbox
    • IMAP search (5933)
    • Charset override for mislabeled mail messages
    • Default charset for unlabeled mail messages
    • I18N Filtering
    • Halfwidth-to-Fullwidth Japanese (Hankaku-to-Zenkaku) conversion
    • I18N of New (M11) Address Book features
      • 10860 Add sender/recipients to Address Book
      • 10863 Address Book containing email history
      • 10867 History AB
      • 10837 Finish import tool for 4.x address books
      • 10868 Import (LDIF, CSV, TAB)
      • 10869 Sorting
      • 11366 Print Address Book Card
      • 10889 Delete Address Book
      • 10865 Menus, Command Keys, XUL Fragments, Toolbars L10N
      • 10866 Enable/Disable Menus
      • Auto-complete