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Interface grendel.view.ViewedStore

public interface  ViewedStore
     extends grendel.view.ViewedFolder
          // Fields 3
     public static final int kActive;
     public static final int kAll;
     public static final int kSubscribed;

          // Methods 11
     public abstract void addViewedStoreListener(ViewedStoreListener);
     public abstract ViewedFolder getDefaultFolder() throws MessagingException;
     public abstract String getHost();
     public abstract int getPort();
     public abstract String getProtocol();
     public abstract Store getStore();
     public abstract String getUsername();
     public abstract int getVisible();
     public abstract boolean isConnected();
     public abstract void removeViewedStoreListener(ViewedStoreListener);
     public abstract void setVisible(int);



   public static final int kAll

Value for setVisible() for showing all folders


   public static final int kSubscribed

Value for setVisible() for showing subscribed folders


   public static final int kActive

Value for setVisible() for showing active folders



   public abstract Store getStore() 

Returns the associated store.


   public abstract ViewedFolder getDefaultFolder()  throws MessagingException

Returns the store's default folder wrapped in a ViewedFolder object.


   public abstract String getProtocol() 

Returns the protocol used by this store.


   public abstract String getHost() 

Returns the host for this store. Returns null for a local store.


   public abstract String getUsername() 

Returns the user name used to connect. May return null if no user name was used.


   public abstract int getPort() 

Returns the port used to connect. Returns -1 for the protocol default.


   public abstract boolean isConnected() 

Returns the connected state of this store


   public abstract void setVisible(int aVisible) 

Sets which children to show for this store


   public abstract int getVisible() 

Returns which children are showing for this store


   public abstract void addViewedStoreListener(ViewedStoreListener l) 

Adds a ViewedStoreListener


   public abstract void removeViewedStoreListener(ViewedStoreListener l) 

Removes a ViewedStoreListener

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