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Class grendel.view.Sorter


This sorts a set of messages by some metric. The set of messages may already be arranged into a thread hierarchy; in that case, siblings are sorted while leaving parent/child relationships intact. The sets of messages are accessed via the ISortable interface.

See Also: ISortable, Threader, Comparer, QSort

class  Sorter
     extends java.lang.Object
          // Fields 2
     private QSort sorter;
     private Vector v;

          // Constructors 1
     public Sorter(Comparer);

          // Methods 2
     public void sortMessageChildren(ISortable);
     private void sortMessageChildren_1(ISortable);



   private Vector v


   private QSort sorter



   public Sorter(Comparer comparer) 

Creates an object for sorting messages. Use the sortMessageChildren() method to sort them.

Parameter Description
comparer The object which compares two ISortable objects for ordering.



   public void sortMessageChildren(ISortable sortable_root) 

Sorts the set of messages indicated by sortable_root. The child-list of sortable_root will be modified (reordered) upon completion (as will all grandchildren.)

Parameter Description
sortable_root The root object; it should have children, but no siblings.


   private void sortMessageChildren_1(ISortable parent) 

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