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Interface grendel.view.MessageSetView

Represents a view on messages. There is no implication that these messages all come from the same Folder, or even from the same kind of Folder.

The messages are presented in a particular sorted order, and have also possibly been threaded.

public interface  MessageSetView
          // Fields 8
     public static final int AUTHOR;
     public static final int DATE;
     public static final int DELETED;
     public static final int FLAGGED;
     public static final int NUMBER;
     public static final int READ;
     public static final int SIZE;
     public static final int SUBJECT;

          // Methods 9
     public abstract void addObserver(MessageSetViewObserver);
     public abstract ViewedMessage getMessageRoot();
     public abstract int[] getSortOrder();
     public abstract boolean isThreaded();
     public abstract void prependSortOrder(int);
     public abstract void reThread();
     public abstract void removeObserver(MessageSetViewObserver);
     public abstract void setIsThreaded(boolean);
     public abstract void setSortOrder(int[]);



   public static final int NUMBER


   public static final int DATE


   public static final int SUBJECT


   public static final int AUTHOR


   public static final int READ


   public static final int FLAGGED


   public static final int SIZE


   public static final int DELETED



   public abstract ViewedMessage getMessageRoot() 

Gets the root of the tree of messages that are being viewed.


   public abstract void setSortOrder(int[] order) 

Set the sort order for display. This is an array of the sort keys listed above. It is an array so that the caller can define secondary sorts. Duplicates will be removed and other optimizations possibly made, so getSortOrder() may not necessarily return the same thing. Note that the messages won't actually get resorted until reThread() is called.


   public abstract void prependSortOrder(int order) 

Prepend a new sort order. This will become the new primary sort; whatever sort was being done becomes secondary sorts. Note that the messages won't actually get resorted until reThread() is called.


   public abstract int[] getSortOrder() 


   public abstract void setIsThreaded(boolean b) 

Set whether to do threading on these messages. If false, then things just get sorted into one long list. Note that the messages won't actually get resorted or threaded until reThread() is called.


   public abstract boolean isThreaded() 


   public abstract void reThread() 

Cause the messages to get resorted and possibly threaded, according to previous calls to setSortOrder(), prependSortOrder(), and setIsThreaded().


   public abstract void addObserver(MessageSetViewObserver obs) 


   public abstract void removeObserver(MessageSetViewObserver obs) 

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