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Class grendel.ui.MessageDisplayManager


Handles attempts to view messages, folders and their contents, without assuptions about the UI layout. Potential side affects for given actions are detailed. The resulting window state should be order independent if overlapping arguments are the same with the exception of window focus. That is,

 displayFolder(folderA, messageA);
should result in the same windows and selections as
 displayFolder(foldarA, messageA);
but the result of
 displayFolder(folderA, messageA);
is undefined. If multiple windows are opened as the result of multiple calls, focus will be shifted to the last opened window. Focus will always be shifted to the last acted upon view.

public abstract class  MessageDisplayManager
     extends java.lang.Object
          // Fields 1
     static volatile MessageDisplayManager fManager;

          // Constructors 1
     public MessageDisplayManager();

          // Methods 7
     public static synchronized MessageDisplayManager GetDefaultManager();
     public static synchronized void SetDefaultManager(MessageDisplayManager);
     public abstract void displayFolder(Folder);
     public abstract void displayFolder(Folder, Message);
     public abstract void displayMaster();
     public abstract void displayMaster(Folder);
     public abstract void displayMessage(Message);



   static volatile MessageDisplayManager fManager



   public MessageDisplayManager() 

Default constructor



   public static synchronized void SetDefaultManager(MessageDisplayManager aManager) 

Sets the default message display manager


   public static synchronized MessageDisplayManager GetDefaultManager() 

Gets the default message display manager


   public abstract void displayMessage(Message aMessage) 

Displays a message given a Message object. This may affect displayed folders.


   public abstract void displayFolder(Folder aFolder) 

Displays a folder given a folder object. This may affect displayed messages.


   public abstract void displayFolder(Folder aFolder, 
                                      Message aMessage) 

Displays folder given a Folder object and selects a message in that folder given a Message object. This may or may not also display the message, but it will not open multiple windows.


   public abstract void displayMaster() 

Displays the master (A folder tree, for now). This should not affect displayed folders or messages.


   public abstract void displayMaster(Folder aFolder) 

Displays the master with the given folder selected. This may affect displayed folders and messages.

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