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Class calypso.util.StringUtils


public class  StringUtils
     extends java.lang.Object
          // Fields 1
     static char[] hex;

          // Constructors 1
     public StringUtils();

          // Methods 6
     public static String CompressWhitespace(String, boolean);
     public static boolean IsWhitespace(String);
     public static String JavaQuote(String, boolean);
     public static String LowerCase(String);
     public static String ToHex(int, int);
     public static String UpperCase(String);



   static char[] hex

Quote a string using java source file rules. The result is a new string with all the appropriate data quoted. The outer quotes that would be required in a java source file are not provided by this routine unless aProvideOuterQuotes is true.



   public StringUtils() 

Default constructor



   public static String UpperCase(String aString) 

Uppercase the characters in aString.


   public static String LowerCase(String aString) 

Lowercase the characters in aString.


   public static boolean IsWhitespace(String aString) 

Return true if the string buffer contains nothing but whitespace as defined by Character.isWhitespace()


   public static String ToHex(int i, 
                              int aDigits) 

Translate an integer into a string that is at least aDigits wide. Pad with zeros if necessary.


   public static String CompressWhitespace(String aString, 
                                           boolean aLeading) 

Compress the whitespace out of a string and return a new string


   public static String JavaQuote(String aString, 
                                  boolean aProvideOuterQuotes) 

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