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Class calypso.util.HashtableRecycler


Static recycler class for java.util.Hashtable

public final class  HashtableRecycler
     extends java.lang.Object
          // Fields 1
     static Recycler gRecycler;

          // Constructors 1
     public HashtableRecycler();

          // Methods 5
     public static synchronized Hashtable Alloc();
     public static synchronized Hashtable Alloc(int);
     public static synchronized void EmptyRecycler();
     public static synchronized void Recycle(Hashtable);
     static void classFinalize() throws Throwable;



   static Recycler gRecycler



   public HashtableRecycler() 

Default constructor



   public static synchronized Hashtable Alloc() 

Get one


   public static synchronized Hashtable Alloc(int aCapacity) 

Get one with an initial size since the growth mechanism is private (for now) a recycled table won't really grow to capacity

Parameter Description
aCapacity desired initial capacity


   public static synchronized void Recycle(Hashtable aTable) 

Recycle a hashtable (it will be cleared by the recycler)

Parameter Description
aTable table to be recycled


   public static synchronized void EmptyRecycler() 

Empty the recycler, it's earth day

Parameter Description


   static void classFinalize()  throws Throwable

finalize class for unloading

Parameter Description

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