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Class calypso.util.ConfigUtils


public class  ConfigUtils
     extends java.lang.Object
          // Fields 2
     private static String gFileSeparator;
     private static String gUserDir;

          // Constructors 1
     public ConfigUtils();

          // Methods 1
     public static final Enumeration fileSearchURLs(String, Class);



   private static String gFileSeparator


   private static String gUserDir



   public ConfigUtils() 

Default constructor



   public static final Enumeration fileSearchURLs(String aLocation, 
                                                  Class aBaseClass) 

This is the standardized place for getting a list of URLs which you should search, in order, when trying to locate a resource which may be overridden by external files. This is used, at time of writing, by the Configuration system, which looks for things within packages, but first looks for external files which will effectively replace the package resources. aBaseClass is necessary if aLocation refers to a resource (which it normally will). In this case, we will need a class loader. supplied by aBaseClass.

Parameter Description
aLocation The resource path for locating the resource in its default location, a package. Use a full name, like "/netscape/shell/imp/ShellConfig.xml". Use a slash for the path separator character.
aBaseClass A base class using the same classloader as aLocation. That is, a class from the same .jar file. Can be null if aLocation is a simple local system file.

an enumeration of URLs to try, in order

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