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Class calypso.util.ByteLineBuffer


This class is stores data in a private ByteBuf appending new data as needed, and returning line separated data.

public class  ByteLineBuffer
     extends java.lang.Object
          // Fields 5
     private static final boolean DEBUG;
     private ByteBuf buffer;
     private boolean buffer_full;
     private ByteBuf inputeol;
     private ByteBuf outputeol;

          // Constructors 1
     public ByteLineBuffer();

          // Methods 5
     public boolean pullLine(ByteBuf);
     public void pushBytes(ByteBuf);
     public void pushEOF();
     public void setInputEOL(ByteBuf);
     public void setOutputEOL(ByteBuf);



   private static final boolean DEBUG


   private boolean buffer_full


   private ByteBuf buffer


   private ByteBuf outputeol


   private ByteBuf inputeol



   public ByteLineBuffer() 

Constructs an empty ByteLineBuffer.



   public void pushBytes(ByteBuf buf) 

Appends data to the end of the internal ByteBuf.

Parameter Description
buf data to append to internal buffer


   public void pushEOF() 

indicates that the last piece of data is now present.


   public void setInputEOL(ByteBuf buf) 

Sets the EOL characters to look for in the incoming stream. Setting this to be null will cause it to look for any of , , or . Note that null (the default) could cause up to one extra to be held in the buffer (in the case where the last byte read from the underlying stream was , and no following byte (or EOF) has yet been read.)


   public void setOutputEOL(ByteBuf buf) 

End of line characters & or any combination will be replaced by this string if it is present. Setting this to a zero length string will cause them to be stripped. Setting this to null will cause the EOL characters to be passed through unchanged (the default).

Parameter Description
buf ByteBuf representing EOL replacement string


   public boolean pullLine(ByteBuf buf) 

Returns a ByteBuf with a line of data which was separated by or any combination. Holds the last line in the ByteBuf until pushEOF() is called. If a ByteBuf containing data is sent in, the data is removed.

Parameter Description
buf single line of data in a ByteBuf

true if a line was retrieved, false if not

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