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Windows Installer

Ben Goodger (11/17/2003)


This document describes the user interface for the Windows Installer for Mozilla Firefox. This document is incomplete. Full functional details are not yet provided. E-mail the author with questions.

Page Sequence

All Install Types...

1, Welcome page:
   Welcome to Mozilla Firefox.

   You are about to install Mozilla Firefox 1.0.

   It is strongly recommended that you exit all Windows programs before running
   this setup program.

   Click Cancel to leave Setup and then close any programs you have running.

   Click Next to continue installing Firefox

All Install Types...

2, License Agreement page:
   License Agreement

   Please read the following license agreement. Use the scroll bar to view the
   rest of this agreement.

   < >

   Click Accept if you accept the terms of the license agreement. If Decline
   is clicked, setup will exit. 

All Install Types...

3, Setup Type page:
   Setup Type

   Choose the type of setup you prefer, then click Next.

   (*) Standard
       Firefox will be installed with the most common options. 

   ( ) Custom
       You may choose individual options to be installed. 
       Recommended for experienced users.


Custom Installs Only...

4, Select Install Path page:
   Install Folder

   Firefox will be installed into the following folder:

      @ C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\               ( Change... )

Custom Installs Only...

5, Upgrade page:
   A previous version of Firefox has been found in the chosen folder:

      @ C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\
      [x] Perform a Safe Upgrade
          A Safe Upgrade will completely remove the old installation. Any third party components 
          you have installed will be lost. This is recommended as it may prevent incompatibilities. 

Custom Installs Only...

6, Component Selection page:
           Further Setup Options

           Choose additional components you want to install, then click Next.

           [ ] Browsing Enhancements
               Additional tools including mouse-gesture navigation, a site 
               navigation bar and other enhanced functionality.

           [ ] Developer Tools
               Tools for web developres including an error console, the Document
               Inspector and a JavaScript Debugger.  

All Install Types...

7, Pre-Install Summary page:

   Setup will now download and install the following components:

   @ Firefox Browser, and
      - Mail and News
      - Browsing Enhancements the following location:

     @ C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ 

   Click Install to continue.

   To configure a Proxy server for the download,              ( Connection... )
   click the Connection... button 

In the above, any textual reference referring to "download and install" is substituted for one that only references "install" if the installer is a self extracting archive or all the components required for an install are present on disk. Similarly, the Proxy details and Connection button are only shown if files need to be downloaded.

Net Installs Only...

8, Downloading page:
   Downloading Files...

   Setup is downloading the files required to install Firefox.

   Currently Downloading: Firefox Browser           
   [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||                          ]

   Total Progress:

   [ ||||||||||||||||||||||||                                         ]

   Time remaining: 3 minutes.

All Install Types...

9, Installing page:
   Installing Firefox...

   Setup is installing application files.

   Currently Installing: Core Application Components (XRE)

   [ |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||        ]

   Time remaining: Less than 1 minute.

Custom Installs Only...

OUT for 1.0 - this is handled elsewhere

10, Windows Integration page:
        Windows Integration

        Create Firefox Shortcuts:

        [x] On my Desktop
        [x] In my Start Menu Programs Folder

        [x] In my Quick Launch Bar


        [x] Use Firefox as my Default Browser. 

All Install Types...

11, Post Install Summary page:
    Installation Complete

    Mozilla Firefox was successfully installed. 

    [x] Launch Firefox now.

    Click Finish to complete setup.