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Firefox 1.0 Roadmap

Ben Goodger (10/7/2004)

Work to be done

Firefox will be one of the most critical delivery vehicles for Gecko technology in the 2004 and beyond. In order to get the best return on the years of effort that has gone into creating the platform upon which our software is built, exacting standards of quality and performance must be met. Our target for our 1.0 release is "best of breed" browser product on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X and before we can make that claim, a number of things need to be done. These tasks will be broken into the milestones that remain between now and 1.0.

Milestone Plan

This is, as always, subject to change.

Milestone Release Date Bugs Summary
0.1 Pescadero 2002-09-23 Bugs Initial release introducing customizable toolbars, simple new interface, performance and size improvements, and lots of destruction.
0.2 Santa Cruz 2002-10-01 Bugs Improvements to toolbar customization, inline web form autocomplete, sidebar, extensions management, making preferences work (somewhat), more size improvements and bug fixing.
0.3 Lucia 2002-10-14 Bugs A few more features, global Go menu, improvements to pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing improvements, redesign of bookmark groups, more speed and size improvements and lots of bug fixing.
0.4 Oceano 2002-10-21 Bugs Shifting from features to bug fixing and polish. Plans to leverage the Mozilla 1.2 stability push to make Phoenix rock solid.
0.5 Naples 2002-12-07 Bugs Polish and cleanup. Lots of bug fixing.
0.6 Glendale 2003-05-16 Bugs Redesigned Options window, new default theme, smooth scrolling, automatic image resizing, and much more.
0.6.1 Glendale 2003-07-28 Bugs Security and other critical fixes, middle mouse button pan scrolling, a few other fixes picked up off the trunk.
0.7 Indio 2003-10-14 Bugs Updated helper applications management, automatic downloading, plugin control, bookmark panels, theme updates and numerous bug fixes.
0.7.1 Three Kings 2003-10-25 Bugs Maintenance update for Mac OS X - focusing on a small number of critical bugs that were present in 0.7 (see link) including external URL handling (when used as default browser) and page Save-As.
0.8 Royal Oak 2004-02-09 Bugs + - ? Download System Upgrade (ongoing Helper Applications and Download Manager updates), Part II (ben), XPInstall UI Upgrade (ben), Windows Installer (ben), Add Bookmark Dialog UI (pch)
0.9 One Tree Hill 2004-06-15 Bugs + - ? "Feature Complete" - Linux Installer (bryner), Mail Integration UI (mail button option for toolbar to launch default mailer) (ben), Extension API Changes [chrome registry changes, extension update UI] ( SmartUpdate (ben) Migration Engine (ben), Help System Documentation Integration (rlk)
1.0PR Greenlane 2004-09-14 Bugs + - ? Bugs with higher complexity/risk, localization impact. See queries.
Release Candidates: RC1 (Mission Bay - 2004-10-27) and RC2 (Whangamata - 2004-11-03)
1.0 Phoenix 2004-11-9 Bugs + - ? Ultra Critical Bugs, PR Feedback
1.1 Deer Park March 2005 Bugs Re-sync with trunk. Ongoing HIG compliance work for Aqua, GNOME etc.

OUT for 1.0

Font Options UI, Bookmarks Manager UI, any sweeping Help System Engine changes, Security UI update, Page Info Dialog UI, Default Extension Bundles (ben, et al.).

Tree Strategy Post 0.9

All development for the 0.9 and 1.0 releases will be done on the AVIARY_1_0_20040515_BRANCH. We need to focus on superior stability which means we can't really afford to wait until the dust settles on 1.8 mid year to see whether or not we have stable bits. By 1.0 time mid-year any critical issues with 1.7 should have been identified and we believe it will be a safer platform on which to release software.

1.0 Release Strategy

We had picked an ambitious target release date for Firefox 1.0 - 9/14 10/11 that proved un-attainable if we were going to achieve the quality our users demand. Hitting our new target date, 11/9 - our new and final release date, is still going to be a difficult task. In order to hit this date and meet our goals for stability and localization, we are targeting a Preview Release in early September by which time the most risky/complex/localization impacting changes will have been made. Localization teams should be able to begin translating shortly after this point (the exact date of the localization freeze has not yet been set - we will post information about this closer to the time) and we will do two more release candidates focusing on stability and polish before the 1.0 release. We will be requiring extra discipline and vigilance on the branch to keep things stable and ensure quick turnaround for releases so as not to slow down the schedule.

1.0+ Bugs, P1-P3, 1.0? Bugs, P1-P3

After 1.0

Shortly after 1.0 is released we will resync the branch with the Gecko trunk fully and there will be a period of bug fixing and little feature work leading up to a release tentatively called "1.1" which will be our first release off the trunk.


With client products now among the most important delivery vehicles for Gecko technology, we will be building up an aggressive campaign to market the Firefox browser. The focus of this effort can be found at SpreadFirefox. A number of other initiatives including a new product site are being rolled out.


Firefox 1.0 will be called simply "Mozilla Firefox"... or "Firefox" for short. Version details will be displayed in the About box.

Support Network

Firefox has a tremendous community following, and we wish to highlight the following two sites - Firefox Help for a wide selection of Firefox extensions, themes, and other helpful information; and MozillaZine Forums - our premier discussion site for users and developers.