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Embedding Smoketest

By Doug Turner
Last Modified: Aug 2, 2000


I have put together a smoketest which should be run every morning. The test exercises the basic embedding APIs, detects newly added depedancies, and is a first infant step in providing some package of required libraries and files to bring up a basic browser. Unlike other smoketests, it is not part of the standard seamonkey distribution. You will have to pull these bits separately.

What do to:

Here is a simple outline of what should be done:
  • Pull Embedding Tests:*
    Note: For now you must pull by date because release is doing m17 spins.

  • Decompress bits.

  • Change directory into the expanded directory.

  • Run.
    Either gtkEmbed or winEmbed.

  • Verification
    Ensure that there are not errors on the console.
    Ensure that a window with web content does appear.
    Try clicking on a link in the content.
    Ensure that the page load the new request.

  • Quit Ensure that you do not crash when quitting.

  • Drink Coke.