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Technical Documents for Profile Sharing

author: jgaunt last update: Feb 23, 2003


This is the current collection of engineering documents that have been written describing the design and implementation details of the profile sharing solution. For a discussion of what areas are impacted by profile sharing see this profile sharing document.


API Reference for the Transaction Manger portion of the Profile Sharing solution.
General Solution for Profile Sharing - requirements for profile sharing and how we will go about meeting them.
Transaction Manager - details of the process managing the dissemination of change messages
Preference specifics - extra stuff that will be needed to handle the sharing of preferences.

Relevant Bugs

bugzilla 135137 - Profile Data cannot be shared by multiple instances. Meta bug for profile sharing issues.

bugzilla 178806 - IPC daemon for general communication between mozilla based processes. The daemon is modular to enable extensions to be written for it to handle particular data transfer.

bugzilla 185706 - Transaction Manager Module for the IPC Daemon. This is a module written for the IPC daemon that knows how to broadcast messages to processes that have registered with it for a certain domain of information.

bugzilla 135061 - Cache should be shareable. This isn't being worked on yet, further down the road.

bugzilla 135062 - History should be shareable. This isn't being worked on yet, further down the road.

bugzilla 115903 - Each mozilla app (navigator, mail, addressbook...) should run in a seperate process. This