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Embedding Gecko Basics

XPConnect and XPT files

XPConnect is an XPCOM module that allows code written in JavaScript to access and manipulate XPCOM components written in C++ and vice versa. By means of XPConnect, components on either side of an XPCOM interface do not, in general, need to know or care about which of these languages the object on the other side is implemented in.

When an interface is run through the XPIDL compiler, it produces an XPT or type library file. Because XPconnect uses the information in this file to implement transparent communication between C++ objects and JavaScript objects across XPCOM interfaces, it is important to make sure they are generated and included with your code even if you are developing exclusively in C++. Not only is a substantial part of the browser, in fact, implemented in JS, it is possible that in the future someone may wish to use JS-based code to interact with whatever components you create .

As is from Mozilla, XPConnect currently facilitates interoperability between C++ and JS. Modules to extend it to allow access from other languages (including Python) are under independent development. Further information can be found at

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