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Keyboard Shorcuts List for Embeddors on MS Windows

Keys Already Implemented by HTML Component

Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl+CCopy text
Tab/Shift+TabMove to next/previous link or form control
EnterWhen on a link, clicks on the link for you, when in form submits form
Arrow keysScroll document
Home/EndBeginning/End of document
PgUp/PgDnScroll one page at a time
SpaceWhen not in form, easy way to page down
F4/Alt+downWhen in combo box, open the drop-down menu
Shift+movement keysExtend selection

Keys Already Implemented by Text Fields

Ctrl+VPaste text
Ctrl+XCut text
Ctrl+left/rightMove by word

Keys That Should be Implemented by Embedding Application

Shift+F10Get a context menu for the currently focused item (same as right click)
Alt+left/rightMove backward and forward in history
Alt+Home Go to home page
Ctrl+BManage bookmarks
Ctrl+DFile as bookmark/favorite
Ctrl+FFind in page
F3/Ctrl+GFind Again
Ctrl+IView Page Info
Ctrl+L (Netscape 6.x style) or Alt+D (IE style)Highlight address bar
Ctrl+NNew browser window
Ctrl+OOpen file
Ctrl+SSave Page As
Ctrl+UView Page Source
Ctrl+- (minus sign)Zoom Text Smaller
Ctrl++ (plus sign)Zoom Text Larger
EscStop loading
Shift+Enter or shift+clickWhen on a link, save link target
Ctrl+Enter or ctrl+clickWhen on link, open in new window