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Embedding Gecko API


This interface provides access to the contents of a password object.

readonly attribute AUTF8String nsIPassword::host

Gets the name of the host corresponding to the login being saved.

The form of the host depends on how the nsIPassword object was created. If it was created as a result of submitting a form to a site, then the host is the url of the site, as obtained from a call to GetSpec. If it was created as a result of another app (e.g., mailnews) calling a prompt routine such as PromptUsernameAndPassword, then the host is whatever arbitrary string the app decided to pass in. Whatever form it is in, it will be used by the password manager to uniquely identify the login realm, so that "newsserver:119" is not the same thing as "newsserver".

readonly attribute AString nsIPassword::user

Gets the username portion of the login.

readonly attribute AString nsIPassword::password

Gets the password portion of the login.

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