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Embedding Gecko API


This interface allows certain properties of a new browser object to be set before the browser window is opened. This interface is scriptable.

Note: Unless stated otherwise, settings are presumed to be enabled by default.


Sets an integer or boolean property on the new web browser object. Only PR_TRUE and PR_FALSE are legal boolean values.


void setProperty (in unsigned long aId, in unsigned long


aId: The identifier of the property to be set.
aValue: The value of the property.

See Constants below for available properties and values.


NS_OK if successful
const unsigned long nsIWebBrowserSetup::SETUP_ALLOW_PLUGINS=1

Boolean. Enables/disables plugin support for this browser.

const unsigned long nsIWebBrowserSetup::SETUP_ALLOW_JAVASCRIPT=2

Boolean. Enables/disables Javascript support for this browser.

const unsigned long nsIWebBrowserSetup::SETUP_ALLOW_META_REDIRECTS= 3

Boolean. Enables/disables meta redirect support for this browser. Meta redirect timers will be ignored if this option is disabled.

const unsigned long nsIWebBrowserSetup::SETUP_ALLOW_SUBFRAMES=4

Boolean. Enables/disables subframes within the browser.

const unsigned long nsIWebBrowserSetup::SETUP_ALLOW_IMAGES=5

Boolean. Enables/disables image loading for this browser window.

If images are disabled, a page is loaded, and then images are enabled, the page will not automatically load the images for the previously loaded page. This flag controls the state of a WebBrowser at load time and does not automatically re-load a page when the state is toggled. Reloading must be done by hand, or by walking through the DOM tree and re-setting the src attributes.

const unsigned long nsIWebBrowserSetup::SETUP_FOCUS_DOC_BEFORE_CONTENT=6

This property is obsolete.

const unsigned long nsIWebBrowserSetup::SETUP_USE_GLOBAL_HISTORY=256

Boolean. Enables/disables the use of global history in the browser. Visited URLs are not recorded in the global history when it is disabled.

const unsigned long nsIWebBrowserSetup::SETUP_IS_CHROME_WRAPPER=7

Boolean. Marks whether the browser is a chrome wrapper. A value of PR_TRUE means the browser is a chrome wrapper. The default value is PR_FALSE.

Note: This attribute was added with mozilla 1.0

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