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Intialisation and Shutdown There are general statup/shutdown/process event functions that you need to utilize.
  • Setup
    extern nsresult NS_InitEmbedding(nsILocalFile *mozBinDirectory,
             nsIDirectoryServiceProvider *appFileLocProvider);
    • mozBinDirectory - location of your executable
    • appFileLocProvider - a file location object that points Gecko to various, pre-defined files.
    • Embedding APIs are not multi-threaded.
  • Teardown
    extern nsresult NS_TermEmbedding();
    • cleans up Gecko state and is called at app exit/shutdown.
    • Mozilla is not un-loadable.
  • Event handling
    nsresult NS_DoIdleEmbeddingStuff()
    • currently windows only (timer firing)
    • reserved for internal event handling activity