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CCK Product


The Communicator product is included on the CCK CDs. Typically, we have provided both 40-bit and 128-bit encryption versions on separate CDs.

  • compiled user agent string needs "C-" added
  • special build required?
  • IB dependency?
  • new installer technology
CCK Wizard
The CCK Wizard combines the most popular branding and customization features of the CCK 4.5 product into a single wizard. We want to include UI to customize the features that are used by 80% of ISPs in an EASY to use and STABLE wizard.
Internet Setup
The Internet Setup utility gets new users signed up with an ISP and onto the internet in the shortest time possible. Both DUN and Communicator are configured for access with the new ISP account.
Where possible, the CD should include tools that make it easier to customize and distribute Communicator. In general, we're looking for open source and shareware tools.

Milan Protocol Document

  • Need to have Milan deal with Proxy settings
  • Need to update Milan doc to reflect new file layouts
  • Need to include Milan doc on CCK CD

Shareware tools to include

File Layouts

  • Installer Layout
  • CCK CD Layout
  • CCK on ISP Hard Drive Layout
  • IB CD Layout
  • IB post-install user Hard Drive Layout

Minimum system requirements