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Configuration Editor
Varada Parthasarathi
Date created: December 7, 1998
Last updated: December 7, 1998

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The Configuration Editor is a part of the whole CCK wizard whose purpose is to provide an easy and stable GUI for the ISPs to customize the Communicator. The primary function of the Configuration Editor is to facilitate the process of configuring the preferences in the Communicator. The CE has to be an easy and stable wizard to use by the various ISPs to create a customized '.cfg' file which will be used by the wizard during the install builder part( this is part of the design which is to be hidden from the user - i.e the creation of a '.cfg' file or that it is a separate identity from the install builder)


  • The CE Has four basic areas for customising the preferences.
    • Navigator  - These include the Appearance, Home Page and  Proxies.
    • Mail/News - These include Mail and Newsgroup Servers, Addressing styles, Message storing, Copies and folder, Disk space, formatting and HTML mail domains.
    • Composer - This has probably only one preference which is the Publishing.
    • Config Items - These include - User agent strings, Animated logo, guide button, help menu and other additional customizations.
    The Design of the CE is as follows
  • The proposed CE intends to improve on the existing CE in these ways:
    • The CE wizard is part of the whole CCK wizard and the fact that the config items are not part of the navigator preferences is opaque to the user hence making it easy to use.
    • Some additional parts like runtime splash and other screens could also be incorporated as part of the CE and hence make it appear to the user that customizing the Communicator involves only one process ( as far as the user in concerned)

    This represents a very significant change to the existing CE tool. Extensive testing(white box inclusive) will needed for making sure that the new CE produces the same results as the existing one in 4.5.