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CCK Wizard Spec

Purpose of this document

This document is intended to pull together all the various threads required to have a complete CCK Wizard. Other specs cover the specific components in detail, so this document will focus on top-level issues. Some details will be provided for topics that are not represented elsewhere.

Please see the UI Spec for an overview of how the wizard looks to end-users.

Purpose of the Wizard

Major Tasks of the Wizard

  • Chrome???
  • Branding
    • Logo
    • Autorun CD Shell
    • Internet Setup
    • Installer
  • Customization
    • Home Page
    • Help Menu
    • Bookmarks
    • User Agent String
    • Program Folder
    • Start Menu Contents
  • Configure Internet Setup
  • Build Installer
    • Standard Components
    • Additional Components
    • Summary of inputs
    • Build Type

Major components comprising the Wizard

Default values in the Wizard

Relevant Files Comprising the Wizard


  1. New autorun cd shell or old? Keeping old since implementing background images in property sheets is hard.
  2. XUL server pref changeable?
  3. Multiple incoming mail servers required?
  4. Generate netscape.cfg or profile.cfg?
  5. Include billboards for branding?
  6. Installer's proxy dialog?
  7. Internet Account Server (IAS) support?