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Camino® Release Notes

Camino 0.7

Changes and bug fixes since the Chimera 0.6 release.


  • Name change (legal reasons). New name is Camino®. This was the primary reason why this release was delayed, sorry for the wait.
  • New Download Manager, with auto-download and auto-dispatch.
  • Compatible with URL Manager Pro
  • Page Text Encodings menu
  • Global History in the sidebar
  • Send Link menu item, and other new toolbar buttons
  • Dragging of images and links to the desktop, and other applications
  • Support for Shockwave Directory content
  • Uses Rendezvous to show local FTP and web servers
  • Supports Proxy Auto-config


User Interface

  • Camino now has a Text Encoding submenu, allowing you to override the character set of a page when it doesn't display correctly.
  • Camino now supports the Menu Sharing protocol, allowing applications like URL Manager Pro to work.
  • Popup windows no longer do an ugly resize-flash when they appear.
  • If you type something in the URL bar before Camino finishes loading the first page, it will no longer get replaced by the page URL.
  • Global history is now visible in the sidebar (and is much faster than before).
  • Redesigned content-generated dialogs (like cookie and JavaScript dialogs) to autosize. JS dialogs are identified by a '[JavaScript Application]' label to avoid spoofing attacks now.

Menus and Toolbars

  • New, brighter toolbar icons.
  • Added a "Send Link" command to the File menu (with an optional toolbar button), which opens a mail message with the URL of the current page in your favorite mail application.
  • Added additional optional toolbar buttons for New Tab, Close Tab, Search etc.
  • Added some new items to the context menus, relating to frames, and copying images.
  • Added support for copying images to the clipboard, and dragging images and links to the desktop, and to other applications.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the wrong window to be used for loading a bookmark, or URL sometimes.
  • The 'small icons' toolbar mode is shorter now.


  • Downloads are now shown in a Download manager, reducing the number of open windows.
  • If you quit while downloads are in progress, Camino will warn you now.
  • Downloads now start automatically, saving into your Downloads folder, without asking you where to save the file. Option-click a link if you want to specify a different location at which save the file.
  • Added a preference (in the Downloads tab of the Navigation pane) to automatically dispatch downloaded files to helper applications. For security reasons, this defaults to being off.


  • Shockwave Director content now loads in Camino.
  • The Default plugin (which displays when you're missing the plugin for some content) correctly remembers which MIME type you've seen before now.
  • Context menus for plugins now display correctly, RealPlayer video displays more reliably, and plugins are less likely to draw incorrectly when being scrolled.
  • The QuickTime plugin now correctly handles more MIME types now.
  • Fixed various MRJ (Java) plugin issues (but not, as yet, the problem of typing and dragging in applets).

Web Page display

  • The default resolution was set to 96dpi, to better match other Mac browsers. You may have to adjust your preferred font sizes to compensate.
  • The User-Agent string now contains "Mach-O" and "Camino" to allow web authors to more accurately identify the browser.
  • Framesets loaded in background tabs show correctly now
  • Typing performance in textareas was somewhat improved.
  • Tabbing to a text field now selects its content.
  • If JavaScript on a page calls window.close(), we now close just the tab for that page, if there are multiple tabs.
  • Form controls no longer draw in "bold"
  • Pages loading in background tabs now show errors if the load fails, as they should.
  • Camino now respects the "autocomplete=off" attribute on web forms, for sites that don't want username/password filling for security reasons.
  • Fixed an issue with the sizing of form controls when zooming.
  • Fixed some "smearing" display problems with absolutely-positioned elements.
  • If you need to see JavaScript errors, you can set a hidden pref ("chimera.log_js_to_console") to have Camino dump them to the console.


  • Command-clicking a toolbar link, or a bookmark in the sidebar will load it in a new tab now.
  • You can put a bookmark folder in the Dock menu now (do a Get Info on a bookmark folder in Camino). Mac OS X 10.2 only.
  • It's now possible to convert a bookmarks tab group to a normal folder, and vice versa (via a checkbox in the bookmark Get Info panel).
  • You can import Camino-format bookmarks.xml files.
  • It's now possible to export bookmarks to an HTML file now (via an item on the application menu)
  • Site icons ("favicons") are shown on the bookmarks toolbar now.


  • Camino will now pick up changes made to the system proxy settings (e.g. when you change Locations in the Network System Preferences) without having to be restarted.
  • Camino will only show "Connection Refused" and "Unknown host" errors for the main page now, rather than images and iframe contents. This helps those using proxy techniques for image blocking.

Other Changes

  • The Print dialog now has a "Web Browser" panel that allows you to control the printing of background colors and images, among other options.
  • Camino now supports the Services menu in web content.
  • You can get the URL of the front window via AppleEvents now.
  • Holding down the Shift key while using the scrollwheel scrolls sideways now.
  • Fixed an issue with QuickDraw that caused a number of random crashes.
  • Camino will now run if your home directory is on a network volume.
  • Some memory leaks were fixed.
  • Added the ability to set the preferred minimum font size, in the Advanced panel of the Appearance font prefs.
  • Fixed an issue where Camino could use a lot of CPU when waking from sleep.
  • Camino is more compatible with the "Metallizer" haxie now.

Known issues

  • Shockwave Director content displays at the wrong location in the window, if hardware rendering is enabled.
  • Typing and dragging in Java applets does not work correctly.
  • The Windows Media Player plugin is not compatible with Camino.
  • If you try to open Camino's AppleScript dictionary, say from Script Editor, you'll get an error. To work around this, open the application package, and remove the "Localized.rsrc" file in Contents/Resources/English.lproj. This will, however, prevent Shockwave Director content from loading so we recommend you do this on a copy of the application.
  • Issues remain when typing in non-Roman languages; sometimes hitting the Delete key can cause Camino to go Back, rather than deleting text.

Chimera 0.6


There is a known issue with Chimera and Macromedia Shockwave Flash 6.0r47, which can cause crashes. To avoid this, download and install the latest Macromedia Flash Player (currently at version 6.0r67).

There appears to be a software conflict between NortonAutoProtect (part of Norton Antivirus), and the Talkback feature that sends crash reports back to Netscape. If NortonAutoProtect is active, the Talkback application can cause a kernel panic on quit, forcing you to restart your machine. If you experience this or a similar conflict, please contact us with details of your OS and Norton versions, and then disable NortonAutoProtect, or turn off Talkback.

There is a known problem with Chimera 0.6 crashing on startup, if your home directory is on a network volume. We are working to resolve this.

New features

  • Added support of Keychain to save web site passwords.
  • Buttons for "Bigger Text"/"Smaller Text", and "Add Bookmark" can now be added to the main toolbar.
  • Can now bring up contextual menus on tabs, to close or reload them.
  • Can now set your preferred search page in the preferences.
  • Clicking the proxy icon (next to the url bar) now selects the url.
  • Can now edit the list of sites from which you wish to accept cookies.
  • Added Talkback, which reports data about crashes back to Netscape.

Bug fixes

  • Improved stability and fixed a number of drawing issues with plugins
  • Fix startup crash when RealPlayer is installed.
  • Disk image (".dmg") files downloaded from misconfigured web servers no longer load in the browser window
  • Changed the scheme used to detect whether other copies of Chimera are running, to fix stale lock problems.
  • Local file listings work now (drag a folder from the Finder into the browser window).
  • The expanded state of bookmark folders in the sidebar is now saved between sessions.
  • Rearranged the Preference panes; exposed preferences to re-enable popups, and disable plugins.
  • The font preferences in the Appearance preferences pane was redone to simplify it, and fix bugs.
  • Fixed various security issues in the layout engine.
  • Saving a page with non-Roman characters in the title works better now.
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcuts for forward/back to respect Command-arrow combinations, when not editing text.
  • Improved drag and drop support between Chimera and Carbon applications, and to the dock.
  • Fixed some problems launching helper applications on Mac OS 10.1
  • Fixed some cosmetic issues toggling the visibility of the bookmarks toolbar.
  • Changed the default bookmarks for new profiles.
  • Fixed some issues with importing large bookmarks files.
  • If loading the bookmarks file fails, because it is invalid XML, save a "parser error" file that indicates where the problem lies.
  • Chimera's User-Agent string now contains "Chimera" to allow for browser tracking.
  • Various memory leaks were fixed

Known issues

The following are some known problems in Chimera 0.6.

  • Cosmetic issues occur with some plugins, notably Java, RealPlayer video, and QuickTime, particularly when scrolling. To work around problems displaying RealPlayer videos, open another tab, then switch back to the tab with the video.
  • Clicking and typing in Java applets doesn't always work correctly.
  • Crashes can occur with "scriptable" plugins which are built for previous Netscape browsers. To avoid this, go into your /Library/Internet Plug-ins folder, and remove the files that have ".xpt" extensions. Note that this will disable some plugin capabilities in Netscape browsers, but should prevent Chimera from crashing.
  • Chimera may crash at startup if your home directory is on a network volume.
  • Page Setup options are not honored yet, and there are issues with the Print dialog on Mac OS 10.1.
  • Sometimes, on Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar), Navigator won't stick as your default browser. If you have this problem, try removing the following files:
    ~/Library/Caches/ (where ~ is your Home directory)
    and reboot your machine.
  • Sometimes, a background window will pop to the front when its page finishes loading.
  • Chimera will sometimes use a lot of CPU after waking from sleep. To avoid this, close Chimera windows before putting the machine to sleep.
  • Services support isn't fully implemented in the web content yet.
  • There is no way to export bookmarks to HTML.
  • Dragging an image to the Finder doesn't do the right thing.
  • After doing a "View Source" on a page, you can't save the page source. As a workaround, save the original page as HTML, or Select All in the source, and Copy.
  • There is no History visible in the UI by default. You can make the History tab in the sidebar visible by adding this line to your prefs.js file in the Chimera profile folder:
    user_pref("chimera.show_history", true);

Chimera 0.5

The following bug fixes and improvements have been made since Chimera 0.4:


  • Performance is much better with large numbers of tabs open. The tabs are now all equal width, and can show the site icon (which is draggable).


  • A downloading dialog is shown now, for file downloads, and when saving pages. A number of bugs were fixed, related to the download file disappearing, and downloading BinHex files.


  • Several fixes make the Java plugin more stable now, particularly on Mac OS 10.2.
  • Some other plugin drawing and stability fixes were done.


  • Fixed display of non-Roman characters in bookmarks text in the UI.
  • Added the Universal Character set detector, which improves the display of pages in non-Roman character encodings.
  • Changed the package layout of the Navigator package to allow for localizations.
  • Typing in Japanese and other multi-byte languages mostly works now.


  • Importing of bookmarks files containing illegal characters was made more reliable, and can no longer leave you with a corrupted bookmarks file.
  • Fixed some issues that caused a multi-line bookmarks toolbar to display incorrectly.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Changed forward/back and next/previous tab keyboard shortcuts, to avoid conflicting with the use of Command-arrow key combinations for text navigation.

Drag and Drop

  • Improved dragging of links from browser window; page links can now be dragged onto other tabs, into the bookmarks sidebar, and onto the bookmarks toolbar.
  • Improved drag and drop of bookmarks, and items on the bookmarks toolbar, which can now be reordered, dragged to the trash to delete them, and cloned with option-drag.
  • You can now drag bookmarks and links to tabs, and drag from tabs to other tabs or bookmark locations (click on the tab icon to drag). Dragging into the background area behind the tabs will create a new tab.

Copy and Paste

  • Fixed some issues with linebreaks, and Unicode data, when copying and pasting between Chimera and other applications.

Tabbed Browser

  • New tabs now always appear on the right-hand side of the tabbed browser view, because having tabs appear next to the current view confused some users.

User Interface

  • Added site icons (favicons) for the url bar, and tabs. You can also make them visible for bookmarks by setting the pref to true in prefs.js, but this can cause some page-loading delays at startup.
  • Added some updated icons for various toolbar buttons.


  • The search page (loaded in response to Go->Search Page) uses the Internet Config setting now. Unfortunately, Apple removed UI for that setting from the Internet system preferences pane in Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar). See the "Known issues" section below for a workaround.


  • The Build ID, which identifies the day the build was made, is shown on the splash screen, and in the About window now.
  • Updated Chimera to use a more recent version of the Mozilla 1.0 code, which brings with it changes in many parts of the code, many of which are security related.
  • On quitting, the prefs.js file is backed up now to prefs.bak.
  • Holding down the shift key while clicking the reload button always fetches the page from the server now.
  • XHTML files are loaded correctly now.

Chimera 0.4

New features include:

  • Now using ~/Library/Application Support for profile, not ~/.mozilla
  • Downloading when clicking a link works and shows progress
  • Much greater stability
  • Many, many bugfixes