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Our bugs are tracked in the Mozilla bug tracking system located at There you can find a list of unconfirmed and confirmed bugs. You can help fix/implement, or triage/QA, or simply report/clarify/vote Sunbird or Lightning bugs and enhancements.

Fixing Calendar bugs

To develop a fix, you should be familiar with the Calendar Develop FAQ.

You should feel free to work on any new calendar bugs (and on any bug assigned to Or report an unlisted bug (see below).

Once you've found a good bug to fix:

  1. Bugzilla: Assign the bug to yourself (if you can, not required).
  2. Locally:
    1. Fix the bug.
    2. Test the fix on Sunbird and Lightning (if applicable)
    3. Update comments.
    4. Create a patch (use [cvs] diff, unified context, expand tabs to spaces)
  3. Bugzilla: Attach patch to bug with a note explaining
    • how your changes fix the bug (how it works, design decisions if not in comments)
    • how you tested it, on what version(s) of Thunderbird or Sunbird and OS/platform if relevant.
  4. Bugzilla: Request a review from either, or
    (Click "edit" by the attachment, set the "First-Review" flag to "?", set the "requestee" to one of the guys mentioned above so he gets email.)

Locale text: If you add new text entities or properties to one locale (say, /locale/en-US), please add them (untranslated) to all locales in your final patch. The new entity and property names must be present so new builds don't crash in the other locales. Localizers will later update them with translated values.

Triaging bugs, QA

We also need help in triaging our existing and incoming bug reports. Triaging means to confirm good and reproducible bug reports, to resolve invalid and not reproducible bug reports, to prioritize bugs, and to find and resolve duplicate bug reports.
More information about these quality assurance tasks is available.

Reporting Calendar bugs

When you want to report a Calendar bug or request an enhancement:

  1. Search bug summaries of open bugs to see if a similar bug has already been started. Also, search bug summaries of bugs recently resolved, since the date of your build. If you can't find a bug that covers your problem, start a new Sunbird or Lightning bug report.
  2. Report Version, language: Report the Sunbird or Lightning version date. Also report the locale/language version you installed.
  3. Report exactly how to reproduce the problem. Attach an example ics file if needed (content type: text/calendar), or provide a URL.
  4. Report JavaScript errors: Clear the Error console, do the operation that fails, and if an Error is logged in the Error console, report it. (The Error console is available from the Tools menu.)

If the bug hasn't been fixed, you can add other info to help diagnose the problem, vote for it, or provide a patch to fix it.

Also, see more general bug writing guidelines, especially for info about reporting Talkback incident ids for crashes.