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M3 Release Notes

READ THIS Before You Build and Install

We're sorry, but Webclient M3 is available in source code form only. Because we haven't tested Webclient with a non-debug mozilla M13 build, we don't know if it will work with the M13 builds one can install from We're hoping to have a binary release by Webclient M4.

Webclient M3 depends on Mozilla M13. As mentioned above, you must have a DEBUG build of Mozilla M13 before you can even begin thinking about building and running webclient. For instructions on building Mozilla M13 please visit

Building the M3 Release

Build Instrictions -- Cross Platform

This section explains the steps one has to perform before building M3 on any platform.

  1. Build Mozilla M13 WITH DEBUG ENABLED. For instructions on how to do that, go to Let's assume you built it into directory $MOZILLA.

  2. Once Mozilla M13 is successfully built, you must run it to create a profile, then you must configure the proxy settings, if you are behind a firewall. If mozilla can't see external web pages, neither can webclient.

  3. Install JDK1.2.2 or 1.3 from We have made an effort to not have any Java2 specific usage in the webclient code, but we haven't tested webclient with older JDKs. It's likely that webclient will work with older JDKs, but some small tweaking may have to be done.

  4. Install the DOM 20000307 Java Binding Jar file, from onto your local disk.

  5. Unpack the webclient source, from into $MOZILLA.

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE WINZIP TO UNPACK THE TARBALL. Doing so may cause some files to end up in the wrong place. I'm not sure why this is, but on all platforms use gunzip and tar -xvf to unpack the tarball. For example, on unix:

      cp webclient-m3.tar.gz $MOZILLA
      cd $MOZILLA
      gunzip webclient-m3.tar.gz
      tar -xvf webclient-m3.tar

    And on win32:

      copy webclient-m3.tar.gz %MOZILLA%
      cd %MOZILLA%
      gunzip webclient-m3.tar.gz
      tar -xvf webclient-m3.tar

      Note that on win32, gunzip and tar come from the cygnus package, which you needed to build mozilla.

    This will give you the following directory hierarchy


  6. In addition to the environment variables required for building mozilla, make sure the following environment variables are defined:

    the absolute path to your JDK installation. For example, C:\jdk1.2.2

    Must contain the w3c dom jar from above.

Build Instructions -- Unix

As of M3, the only UNIX platform on which webclient is known to work is Solaris. We hope to have linux support by M4. Also, the process for building webclient on Solaris is very involved right now. We hope to simplify it for M4.

  1. Follow the instructions in Build Instrictions -- Cross Platform. If you're building on Solaris, this document, mozSolBuild.html, may be of help.

  2. The compiler you use to build mozilla must be the same compiler you use to build webclient.

  3. Build Java DOM

    1. cd $MOZILLA/java/dom

    2. make

    3. If it doesn't work, consult $MOZILLA/java/dom/README

  4. Build the Java Util classes

    1. cd $MOZILLA/java/util

    2. make -f Makefile.unix

  5. Build the webclient java classes

    1. cd $MOZILLA/java/webclient/classes_spec

    2. make -f Makefile.unix

  6. Build the webclient native classes

    1. Modify Makefile.solaris to use the same compiler that was used to build mozilla M13. Look for the string "UNCOMMENT" in the makefile

    2. cd $MOZILLA/java/webclient/src_moz

    3. make -f Makefile.solaris

  7. ./runem.solaris <ABSOLUTE_URL>

    This should run the test browser.

Build Instructions -- Win32

  1. set MOZ_DEBUG=1 in your environment

  2. Follow the instructions in Build Instrictions -- Cross Platform

  3. cd $MOZILLA\java

  4. nmake -f

    This should build the mozilla util classes, the javaDOM, and webclient.

  5. cd $MOZILLA\java\src_moz\WIN32_D.OBJ

  6. .\runem <ABSOLUTE_URL> This should run the test browser.

Uninstalling the M3 Build

Cross Platform

Follow the instructions for removing mozilla in the mozilla M13 release notes.

  1. cd $MOZILLA

  2. rm -rf ./java


  1. Do the cross platform uninstall.

  2. cd $MOZILLA/dist/bin

  3. rm libwebclient*.so


  1. Do the cross platform uninstall.

  2. cd $MOZILLA\dist\WIN32_D.OBJ\bin

  3. del webclient.dll javadomjni.dll

Available and Unavailable Features

See the webclient m3 requirements analysis document, at for a breakdown of what is available.

Known Issues

Browser and General Issues

Webclient hasn't yet been stress tested, so there are probably lots of issues that will come up with a little use.


Printing is not yet implemented.


Running plugins inside webclient currently doesn't work.

Bookmarks and History

Both the Bookmarks and History interfaces are incompletely implemented.


If webclient is acting funny, it may be due to conflicting mozilla registry file. Follow the steps in the mozilla M13 release notes to remove the registry, then re-run mozilla m13 to generate a new registry.