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Webclient 1.0 Release Notes

Author: Ed Burns <>

Please send all proposed changes to Ed. Do not directly edit the release notes.

These release notes, last updated 21 March 2001, describe installation instructions and known issues pertinent to the webclient 1.0 release. These notes are updated as we receive feedback, so please check back for new information.

Webclient 1.0 depends on having Netscape 6 installed.

How you can get involved with Webclient

  • Report any bugs you find. Use the search form to find out if your bug has already been reported. If you can't find it, go to Bugzilla,'s bug tracking system, and follow the steps under "Before reporting a bug." The bugzilla Component for webclient is "Java APIs to WebShell".
  • Join the discussion on the and netscape.public.mozilla.embedding newsgroups.
  • Read the section on the webclient home page about how to contribute.

Contents of This Document

Webclient for Mozilla

Building and Installation
READ THIS before you build and install
Installation Instructions for the win32 binary
Installation Instructions for the unix binaries
Build and Installation Instructions - Unix
Build and Installation Instructions - Win32
Uninstalling the 1.0 Release Build
Limited Support Features
Available and Unavailable Features
Known Issues
Browser and General Issues
Bookmarks and History
Known Bugs