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Getting HTTP Compression Apache Module Source

The source for the Apache module to do http compression is available on the Mozilla public CVS system.

The full path to the source is mozilla/apache/gzip/src/modules/do_gzip So if you are already set up to CVS check-out you need the command:

cvs -z3 checkout mozilla/apache/gzip/src/modules/do_gzip

You can then copy the do_gzip directory directly into src/modules in your Apache server source tree.

For an example of how to add the module to your server check-out Configuration.tmpl

cvs -z3 checkout mozilla/apache/gzip/src/Configuration.tmpl

This is the standard Apache 1.3 Configuration.tmpl file with the line

AddModule modules/do_gzip/mod_gzip_content.o

added in the correct place to enable this module. Once you modify your configuration file, you need to rerun configure and remake your server.

With the module in place you can turn it on for any sub-directory tree on you server with a simple directive in the access.conf file. Here is an example:

<Directory /pub/apache/share/htdocs/gzipped>
CompressContent Yes

If you have any questions or problems getting, setting up, or activating this modules you can get help from Eric Bina (