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Which Mozilla Software is Right For Me?

Rest assured that when you choose any of our software you will be receiving a secure, standards-based, enterprise quality application. Our software is rigorously tested by thousands of individuals before being made available to you. The information provided here will help you to understand the differences between Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, and other Mozilla projects.

Software projects:

Firefox (Web Browser)

Firefox is's premier Web browser. Firefox is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and many different languages. It's small, fast, easy to use, and has hundreds of themes and extensions available to make the browser even more powerful. Firefox is a quick download, 4.5MB on Windows, about 10 minutes with a dial-up connection.

We suggest you use Firefox as your primary browser. Firefox is great for new users to the Web as well as long time Web surfers.

Key features in Firefox include:

  • High grade security
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Pop-up blocker and Image blocker
  • Live Bookmarks
  • Integrated with Google Search and more
  • Easy to migrate from Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape or Opera

Learn how to switch to Firefox from Internet Explorer or learn more about Firefox.

Thunderbird (Email and newsgroup client)

Thunderbird is our next generation email and newsgroup client. Thunderbird is a full-featured IMAP and POP client that includes Junk Mail filter, smart addressbook, support for multiple accounts, and numerous security features.

We suggest you use Thunderbird as your primary email application. Thunderbird is great for users looking for a simple yet powerful email client.

Key features in Thunderbird include:

  • Adaptive Junk mail detection
  • Image and Script blocking
  • RSS News/Blog Reader
  • S/MIME and other government grade security features

Learn more about Thunderbird.

Camino (Web Browser project for Mac OS X)

Camino™ is a web browser optimized for Mac OS X with a Cocoa user interface, and powerful Gecko layout engine.

Mac OS X users looking for an alternative to Firefox or Apple's Safari should consider using Camino.

Key features in Camino include:

  • Native Cocoa user interface for seamless integration with Mac OS X
  • Bookmark manager integration with Bonjour (Rendezvous) and Address Book
  • Remembers website passwords with your Keychain
  • Tabbed browsing and Pop-up blocker
  • Google Search Bar

Learn more about Camino

Built with Gecko

All Mozilla products are built on top of Gecko. Gecko is the revolutionary browser layout engine that's fast and designed to support open Internet standards such as HTML, CSS, XML, RDF, and JavaScript.

Gecko is continuously under development at