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Volunteer marketing arm Spread Firefox grows to 70,000 strong; Browser now available in 28 languages

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - February 16th, 2005 - The Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving choice and promoting innovation on the Internet, today announced its award-winning Firefox browser has been downloaded more than 25 million times, fueled by consumers' demand for a faster, safer Internet experience. Released less than 100-days-ago Firefox has quickly become the browser of choice, offering user-friendly features such as tabbed browsing, built-in pop-up blocking and live bookmarks.

The Mozilla Foundation further announced that Spread Firefox, the volunteer advocacy group charged with promoting the browser around the world, has grown to more than 70,000 members. Spread Firefox was developed on the same model as the open source software itself — enlist passionate and talented individuals, each of whom bring unique and diverse experience to the project.

"Twenty five million Firefox downloads is a significant achievement, and we see that number continuing to grow," said Mitchell Baker, president of the Mozilla Foundation. "Firefox is being rapidly adopted by the mainstream, with this audience embracing Firefox as a more user-friendly web browsing solution."

Mozilla Foundation volunteers have translated the software into 28 different languages, ensuring consumers around the world have equal access to the Firefox browser.

Getting Firefox

Mozilla Firefox 1.0 can be downloaded for free or purchased in a CD-ROM Edition with Firefox Guidebook from the Mozilla Foundation at

About the Mozilla Foundation

Established in July 2003, the Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit organization hosting a collection of leading innovators whose mission is to preserve choice and innovation on the Internet. The Foundation provides organizational, legal, and financial support for the Mozilla open source software project. The Foundation is based in Mountain View, California. Learn more about the Mozilla Foundation at

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