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Eolas Announcement

The Eolas matter highlights the degree to which web browser software is critical to the user experience of the web. It illustrates how technical choices in browser software determine the options available to more than 500 million web users.

The Eolas matter also demonstrates the interconnected nature of the web, where browser software interacts with plug-in software which interacts with actual content, and the combination of these elements is presented to the user. Effective solutions require shared standards, implemented by all and promoting interoperability. As always, the Mozilla Foundation will work toward the goal of a world wide web based on choice, standards-compliant alternatives and a great user experience.

Developers, site administrators, and business owners can visit the following web sites for help with updating sites containing everything from animations to rich Internet applications: or

While we have not completed full testing of the various solutions proposed by Macromedia, Apple Computer and other vendors, these changes should be backwards compatible with today's current browsers and should work with Mozilla 1.4, Mozilla Firebird 0.6 and newer browsers.

Mitchell Baker
President, Mozilla Foundation