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Mac OS X/Darwin & sendmail 8.12.2

Changes I had to make to get sendmail (and tinderbox) to work properly:
  • make these changes to /etc/mail/ :
    [boxset:/etc/mail] root# diff
    < #Fw/etc/mail/local-host-names
    > Fw/etc/mail/local-host-names
    < Dj$
    > #Dj$w.Foo.COM

New for Mac OS X/Darwin 10.1.5:

  • Some permissions changes are needed. From the sendmail docs:
    sendmail must be a set-group-ID (default group: smmsp, recommended
    gid: 25) program to allow for queueing mail in a group-writable
    directory.  Two .cf files are required: for the daemon
    and for the submission program.  The following permissions
    should be used:
    -r-xr-sr-x      root   smmsp    ... /PATH/TO/sendmail
    drwxrwx---      smmsp  smmsp    ... /var/spool/clientmqueue
    drwx------      root   wheel    ... /var/spool/mqueue
    -r--r--r--      root   wheel    ... /etc/mail/
    -r--r--r--      root   wheel    ... /etc/mail/
    My upgrade of 10.1.5 did not have these permissions set like this, so I made the appropriate changes.

  • Start sendmail in daemon mode:
      sendmail -bd
    Add this to the boot sequence by changing "NO" to "YES" in this line in /etc/hostconfig:

New for Mac OS X/Darwin 10.2.x:

  • Sendmail was complaining about group write permissions for "access_db", but it was really about / :
      chmod g-w /
    Note that you will have to reset this permission after every OS update, as apparently this gets reset as part of the updater process.

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