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Fizzilla gets its name from the API it uses: Carbon.


by Mike Pinkerton
last modified on 1/27/2003

This is the home of the UNIX back-end, MacOS/Carbon front-end, mach-o version of Fizzilla. This app runs only on Mac OS X and is built using the unix build system (autoconf/make).

Now that the main Mozilla build is a Mach-O build, Fizzilla is no longer a port. Thus, the main Mac build intructions cover how to build it, and the Mac builds on Tinderbox are Mach-O builds.

Mach-O Mozilla builds use the same Carbon code as the CFM builds, namely the mozilla/widget/src/mac code. The application is still WaitNextEvent-based, though we hope to transition towards being Carbon Event-based eventually.

To support Cocoa applications, like Camino, we also have Cocoa-based widget code in mozilla/widget/src/cocoa. The intent is to provide an easily-used NSView-based embedding API for Cocoa apps. You can read more about that on the Cocoazilla page.