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jprof usage

jprof README

Example usages

Pause functionality (sspitzer):
    # Don't start profiling until it gets the SIGPROF signal.

    # run mozilla, and get ready to do your stuff...

    # start profiling...
    # if you use JP_REALTIME in JPROF_FLAGS, use `kill -ALRM {mozilla-bin pid}` here
    ./jprofsig start  # kill -PROF {mozilla-bin pid}

    # do your stuff...

    # pause profiling...
    ./jprofsig stop   # kill -USR1 {mozilla-bin pid}

    # exit mozilla

    # Post-process jprof output to HTML format.
    ./jprof ./mozilla-bin jprof-log > jprof.html


  • Suggestions to lower JP_PERIOD default to 0.0015; reports of better data for lower values JP_PERIOD (dbaron, sspitzer).

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