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party faq

  1. Party? What party?

    Read the flyer.

  2. Wow, so you finally shipped the damned thing? Awesome!

    Yeah, we're pretty excited.

  3. So you're throwing a party, and you're not charging admission, and in attendance will be many attractive members of the appropriate sex for whatever my perverted taste is, and the drinks are free?

    You have to pay for the drinks. Don't be a cheapskate.

  4. The invitation says that the venue is 21+. I'm not yet 21 but I'm important and smart and angry! Damn the man! Damn the man!

    Fight the power, kid. But the sad truth of San Francisco's liquor laws is that there is no way for a bar to ever allow any customer in who is under 21, ever, even if they were to choose not to serve alcohol that night. Nightclubs and concert halls that are 18+ are technically restaurants: they have kitchens and serve dinner. DNA Lounge doesn't have a kitchen, so it's technically a bar, and just because you're old enough to vote and kill, you're not old enough to enter a bar. Sorry, that's how it is. You can read all about the permit mess on the DNA Lounge site.

    ID is required for everybody, no matter how old you look (driver's license, passport, etc.)

  5. Will you go out of your way to help me get to the party? I live in Iceland and my rowboat has a hole in it.

    We'll help you from the sidewalk to the door (and the reverse, should you become a drunken nuisance.) Anything else is your responsibility.

    You can always watch from home! As you probably know, the DNA Lounge webcasts all of their events, and is full of Linux-based kiosks with which you may chat with your in-club playmates.

    There are also some satellite parties happening elsewhere in the world to cater to the geographically challenged. (and those of you who think we are)

  6. Am I actually invited? I'm very insecure, and so this isn't totally clear to me yet.

    Yes, you're invited! And if you've contributed to the Mozilla project, then you also get in for free! Oh wait, I forgot, everyone gets in for free. Nevermind, then.

  7. Who's DJing? Will there be entertainment?

    Your main room DJs for the evening will be the residents from DNA Lounge's world famous thursday night n:CODE + d:CODE events:

    • Ritter Gluck (CODE / Infinite Kaos)
    • Shane (CODE / Epiphany / Cloud Factory)
    • Amber (CODE / Sister SF)
    • Ghreg (CODE / Phosphene / Spectral Concepts)

    Plus a live electro performance by robot freedom fighters

    • Cybrid (CODE / Aelectro / Exact Science)

    featuring your former Netscape colleague, Gustavo Lanzas!

    Guest DJs in the upstairs lounge will be:

    • mang (JavaScript Stunt Team / Nephology)
    • Bre-Ad (Exact Science / Hot Hair Care)
    • Science (Step / Viberation)
    • Zephyr

    Plus, acrobatic and fire performances throughout the evening by P'Revenge!

  8. How do I get there?

    By learning how to follow directions.

    Also, a bus will be available to transport party guests between Mountain View and San Francisco. The bus will depart from the Building 21 parking lot on the Netscape Campus at 7:00 PM. and will leave the party at midnight. Bus seats were available on a first come, first serve basis but all the seats are spoken for now. Sorry.

    If you're taking the bus, don't forget your ID, or you won't get in!

    We're offering the bus as a favor to minimize the chances that anyone would drink and drive. Mozilla.org and Netscape (who is paying the bill) are not liable for any accidents or problems that might occur on the bus ride. Folks who aren't comfortable with this disclaimer shouldn't take the bus.