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Last updated 9/20/98 by Angus Davis

This page used to be updated weekly with updates on what happened to the NGLayout source tree over the last week. It was created by aggregating and editing CVS log entries, which you can read in their full glory through Bonsai .

However, we realized there's a more efficient way of getting out this information. You see, any time a person makes a major check-in, it's customary to post a message to a special mail alias explaining what was checked in and what it does, etc. In the past, this alias was behind Netscape's firewall (for no particular reason). But on September 7, we moved the list outside the firewall, to ""

So, rather than view a web page that merely copies the contents of this list, you can now follow along with this list directly using the " netscape.public.mozilla.layout.checkins" newsgroup. We ask that you please do not post to this newsgroup unless you're actually checking in code to the source tree. If folks disregard this policy, we'll have to remove the newsgroup.

We also suggest checking out the Mozilla.Org Status Update page, maintained by Chris Nelson, who's responsible for the quite cool mozillaZine site.

If you'd like to help with the NGLayout project, please visit our page on getting involved.