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nglayout project

test cases: CSS1 properties

Last Updated 10/5/98, by Jan Carpenter

Classification Properties

block sec561.htm
inline sec561.htm
list-item sec561.htm
none sec561.htm
normal sec562.htm
pre sec562.htm
nowrap sec562.htm
disc sec563.htm
circle sec563.htm
square sec563.htm
decimal sec563.htm
lower-roman sec563.htm
upper-roman sec563.htm
lower-alpha sec563.htm
upper-alpha sec563.htm
none sec563.htm
url sec564.htm
none sec564.htm
inside sec565.htm
outside sec565.htm
keyword no test
position no test
url no test
keyword, position sec566.htm
keyword, url no test
position, url no test
keyword, position, URL sec566.htm
Length Units
em sec547em.htm
ex sec547ex.htm
px sec547px.htm
in sec547in.htm
cm sec547cm.htm
mm sec547mm.htm
pt sec547pt.htm
pc sec547pc.htm
Percentage Units
default percent ?
+ percent sec547percent.htm
- percent sec547negpercent.htm
Color Units
#rrggbb sec63.htm
#rgb sec63.htm
rgb(x,x,x) sec63.htm
rgb(y%,y%,y%) sec63.htm
keyword value sec531aqua.htm
absolute path no test
relative path sec64.htm
no quotes: url(foo) no test
single quotes: url('foo') no test
double quotes: url("foo") no test
white space: url( foo ) no test
escaped characters in a URL: url(\"foo\".png) no test