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nglayout project

Oh, look at me!
screen shots

For the good of the code...
Are you a JavaScript hacker interested in writing some test cases for NGLayout's W3C DOM implementation? Let us know.

Click on any thumbnail to see a 640x480 version of the image. For more information about NGLayout, visit the project home page.

NGLayout browsing popular websites showing basic HTML layout, tables, images, links, imagemap support, etc.
NGLayout renders this massively nested table stress test fast. Real fast!
NGLayout nails an intensive CSS box test created by the Web Standards Group.
Basic HTML 4.0 forms capabilities, including support for FIELDSET and LEGEND. Notice that CSS properties have been applied to the legend and fieldet.
Strong support for CSS1's float: property lets us lay out this version of the W3C home page without any tables, only DIVs and CSS.
The ability for form elements to inherit style. OPTIONs in a select are shown with different font families.
NGLayout showing off the CSS box model... perfectly. (horizontal test)
From side to side and top to bottom, more clean box model rendering. (vertical test)

More screen shots coming soon!