You are currently viewing a snapshot of taken on April 21, 2008. Most of this content is highly out of date (some pages haven't been updated since the project began in 1998) and exists for historical purposes only. If there are any pages on this archive site that you think should be added back to, please file a bug.


Our file archive is available at, and our releases archive is available at, as well as from a number of mirrors all over the world. We highly recommend you use one of our mirrors to get the latest Mozilla software.

If you would like to mirror the contents of the archives, we offer rsync access to do so. We have two different modules available for your use:

  •, contains only the current version of Firefox and Thunderbird, 10G;
  •, contains Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird releases, 100-130G.

Use them as follows:

Current releases only: rsync -a --delete --delete-after /your/local/mirror/path/

All releases: rsync -a --delete --delete-after /your/local/mirror/path/

The mozilla-all module, which is the complete archive (what's visible on, 2.2TB and growing), is no longer publicly available via rsync due to its size. If you really want it all, contact us to make arrangements.

We are currently only accepting HTTP mirrors at this time.

To mirror us correctly, add the following directives to the VirtualHost or Directory configuration block for your mirror so that Apple disk images, Mozilla XPInstaller packs, partial updates, and JAR files are downloaded correctly to end-users' browsers.

    AddType application/x-apple-diskimage dmg
    AddType application/x-xpinstall xpi
    AddType application/x-java-archive jar
    AddType application/octet-stream mar
    AddType application/octet-stream msi

Alternately, add "AllowOverride FileInfo" to the appropriate configuration block and the /pub/ file will add them for you automatically.

If you would like to be listed on the mirrors page, or included in our automatic redirect pool, please send email to with the following information:

  • Mirror location (country, city, state, province);
  • Mirror connection speed; (and the maximum traffic you can sustain for your mirror);
  • URL of your HTTP mirror (e.g.

Please set your mirror to update every 15 minutes so we can assure that our network of mirrors is as fresh as possible. We will be monitoring the quality of your mirror for responsiveness and validity several times a day.

Please sign up for the mailing list which will be used to notify mirror admins of impending releases and changes to mirroring policy.

For feedback, contact Our FTP site contains cryptographic source code and binaries derived from this code which are regulated in certain countries including the U.S. Before mirroring our FTP site, read our Crypto FAQ.

This software is subject to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations and other U.S. law, and may not be exported or re-exported to certain countries (currently Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria) or to persons or entities prohibited from receiving U.S. exports (including those (a) on the Bureau of Industry and Security Denied Parties List or Entity List, (b) on the Office of Foreign Assets Control list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, and (c) involved with missile technology or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons).